When I place the device on the skin, it does not release a flash.

Please note that both our devices come with a skin sensor. You need to tightly place the device on the skin. For the PRO version, the power indicator will turn green. For the regular version, pressing the flash button will dispense a light, while if not in good contact no flash will be produced.

This is not a common problem and fixing it will first need you to determine where the problem comes from. The problem could be the product or the adapter supplied with the product.


  1. First, check if the power button is on, then check if the socket is plugged incorrectly. Remove the device fromt the current socket and try a different one. If it still doesn't work, move to number 2 below.
  2. Listen to the device if there's any sound being produced from the fan movement. If no sound is produced it means the product isn't receiving any power and you need to check the power supply to verify. Do this by taking another electrical device and plug it into that same socket. DO NOT INSERT WIRES OR SCREWDRIVERS TO THE SOCKET. If the other device works, it means the socket power supply is OK. Proceed to test the adapter supplied (if you don't have a power plug then it means the product id defective) 
  3. To test the power adapter, plug it to the socket and use a different working electrical device. This will tell you if the adapter conducts electricity or not. If the electrical product works, then it means the device is defective. If not then it would mean the adapter is defective. Reach out to our customer support with a request for the plug and we will ship another one to you.

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