Selecting the Right Light Intensity for Wetty/WettyPRO

Wetty provides five different light intensities and advises you on the right setting you should use based on your skin tone. You will always be able to select the light intensity setting as you find comfortable.

  1. Plugin the Wetty on the socket, make sure the device is turned on, and your hands are not wet to avoid any electrical induction
  2. NOTE: Wetty contains no battery and should be used when plugged in the socket. This offers the best results and continuous efficient power
  3. Press the on/off button for 3 seconds to turn on the Wetty.
  4. Select the desired light intensity setting. Wetty gives you the freedom to select the light intensity that you find most convenient.
    Consult the table below to set the light intensity setting. This table shows settings that for the majority of users provide a comfortable, but still effective setting.

    l White: you always sunburn, never tan 4/5
    ll Beige: you easily sunburn, tan minimally. 4/5
    lll Light brown: you sunburn easily, tan slowly to light brown. 3/4
    lV Mid brown: you rarely sunburn, tan easily 1/2/3
    V Dark brown: you rarely sunburn, tan very easily. Not Recommended
    VI Brownish black or darker: you rarely or never sunburn very dark tanning. Not Recommended

    To adjust the light intensity setting, press the on/off button one or more times until you have reached the required setting.  The corresponding intensity light level lights up green. You can change the setting at all times.

    NOTE: Note: To check if your skin type allows usage of the Wetty, check the skin tone table on the manual provided.
    NOTE: Note: Your skin may react differently on different days/occasions/usage for a number of reasons.

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